A Fast Fix For Problematic Teeth In Hoover, AL

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If you have been wanting to do something about the bothersome aspects of your teeth that have plagued you for years, there couldn’t be a better time to start on your smile transformation than right now.

You know you deserve to have a better smile!

Fortunately, we can get the job done easily with a an adult orthodontic treatment. And we aren’t talking about a long, drawn-out process, either. We’re talking about something that is much faster at aligning crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. A method that can actually deliver results in the coming year: Fastbraces®.

Fastbraces® Are A Great Alternative To Conventional Methods

We understand that your life is more complicated than it was back in your middle school days. And if you didn’t get braces then, you might feel as though you missed your window of opportunity. But that’s not really the case. We can still get you the smile of your dreams, and we can do it in a way that makes sense as an adult with a busy schedule.

Regular old braces take so much time to realign teeth because they are designed to move the teeth laterally during the first year getting close to the right alignment, and then you still have to wear them for however long it takes for the roots of the teeth to also shift and line up correctly with your new smile. That can feel like an eternity.

We are happy to report that Fastbraces® hurdle that obstacle by using a specially designed bracket and wire that will move the tooth and root at the same time, giving you a great smile in only a few months.

Conventional braces make use of a round wire and square brackets, Fastbraces® use a triangular bracket and square wire to get the results you want. Pretty cool, right?

This reconfiguration really does give the braces more moving power while requiring less direct force on your teeth.

Fastbraces® From Perrigo Dental Care

When we first start your treatment, our team will take an impression of your mouth along with X-rays that can be sent off to the lab so that your unique set of braces can be created.

After the braces are installed on your teeth, you will need to come in for regular checkups so we can monitor your progress and ensure that the appliances remain in good condition.

Luckily, you won’t have to do this for very long. This method of short-term orthodontic treatment will only take several weeks up to about a year to wrap up, depending on what’s going on in your mouth when we start the process.

From your Hoover, AL dentist’s perspective, attaining a radiant new smile in a matter of mere months is a real accomplishment. Our disclaimer: when your treatment is over (in six months or so), we may recommend that you wear clear retainers part-time to complete your smile transformation. We’ll just have to see what is best for you at that time.

Will Fastbraces® Set You Straight?

In order to determine which treatment will best suit your current needs and budget, you will have to take the next step and schedule an adult orthodontic consultation. That said, we can tell you that Fastbraces® usually work great for most alignment issues, and they could be just what you need to get your new smile.

There’s no need to continue feeling self-conscious about your teeth. Now that you know how easy it can be, why put off your treatment any longer? Contact us today to schedule your appointment in our Hoover, AL dental office.

We can’t wait to see you at Perrigo Dental Care!