The New Year means a fresh start. Are you ready to change that chipped, stained, and crooked smile for something much better? Call us today at 205-545-8007 and schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists have helped many people over the years come to love their smiles. Isn’t the New Year the perfect time to start loving yours?

Cosmetic Dentistry Is More Than A Great Smile

Here’s the thing about cosmetic dentistry: It can help improve your whole life. When you are embarrassed about your smile, your self-confidence tends to be lower. You don’t like how you look, so you’re not happy about it.

Cosmetic dentistry gives you reasons to be proud of your smile. That can lead to improvements in your self-confidence. It’s easier to feel good about yourself when you know how good you look. In other words, having a great smile gives you a reason to smile.

By calling our Phoenix, AZ dental office today, you can be one step closer to getting that reason to smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists are highly skilled at improving the color, look, and alignment of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Here are some ways Dr. Perrigo and Dr. Romano can help improve your smile for the new year.


Your teeth can naturally have some imperfections such as deep grooves or small craters. You can also have damage like chips or cracks from accidents and injuries. Either way, you end up with visible problems. In tooth bonding, our dentists use their years of experience to expertly flow a layer of tooth-colored resin over your teeth. This fills in damage and hides stains.

That’s why you need to call Lucas Perrigo, DMD today. Tooth bonding from highly trained dentists like ours is the affordable, reliable way to improve your smile.


Almost the opposite of tooth bonding, tooth recontouring helps fix cosmetic problems like grooves or craters. Instead of adding to the tooth, this cosmetic treatment smooths out such problem areas by removing a small amount of enamel. This leaves your tooth smooth and attractive.

Call us today at 205-545-8007 to schedule your appointment for tooth recontouring. Altering the shape of your tooth takes training and experience. Thankfully, Dr. Perrigo and Dr. Romano have plenty of both. They can safely remove enamel to help your smile look amazing again.


Adding or taking away from your teeth can’t help if they’re crooked or misaligned. For that, you need orthodontic care. Because we want you to have choices for your dental care, our dentists are trained in two treatments:

  • Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They reposition your teeth and jaw but are usually done in one year. Plus, there’s no metal or wires.
  • Fastbraces is a modern version of traditional braces. They move teeth more efficiently, so they can be complete anywhere from a few weeks to a year.

When you call to make an appointment today, you can talk to our dentists about which orthodontic treatment you’d prefer. Together, you’ll select which one works best. But you’ll still get a straight smile whether you go for Invisalign or Fastbraces.


It’s hard to notice your teeth slowly getting stained. That’s because it’s a very slow process. It takes years and years. But one day, you realize your white teeth are now dark and dingy.

Call our Phoenix, AZ dental office today and make an appointment for teeth whitening. While there are over-the-counter kits you can buy, those are made weak to be sold without prescriptions. Our dentists are trained to use the KöR Teeth Whitening system. It’s very powerful but very safe. You can soon have a dazzlingly white smile like you always wanted.


Nicknamed “instant orthodontics,” dental veneers are one of the fastest and most powerful ways to improve your smile. They are thin, durable shells that cover the front of your teeth. Each is made to look like a healthy, white tooth. As soon as our dentists expertly place them on your teeth, all stains and damage are hidden. Instead, people will only see a beautiful smile.

Call us TODAY at 205-545-8007 or use our online form to get a new smile for the new year with cosmetic dentistry. Many dental offices offer cosmetic dentistry treatments. At our Phoenix, AZ dental office, we also offer highly trained dentists and a team that treats you like family. Start your new year right by calling us today for cosmetic dentistry.