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Now that we are heading into the 4th of July, it is probably a good time to start thinking about how to add some sparks to your smile. The good news is that at our Hoover, Alabama practice, we are prepared to boost the appearance of your smile through one of our cosmetic dentistry solutions. We will send you off with a bang, we promise.

The fact is that cosmetic treatments are now more accessible than ever. Keep reading to hear about some of our popular offerings, and then be sure to get in-touch with our team to schedule your makeover consultation!

Dental Bonding

An easy intro to the world of cosmetic dentistry, bonding can make a big difference in your smile. Around here, we make use of bonding procedures to improve minor imperfections on your teeth. A strong, tooth-colored material is bonded directly to your tooth to get the results you want. Sounds simple enough, right?

Dentist-Directed Teeth Whitening

Don’t waste your time with over-the-counter whitening kits. We can get the job done more effectively with the KöR Whitening system. This process includes a special whitening gel that seals out saliva, and custom-built trays, making it even better than other methods.


Few folks are blessed with a perfect smile. If you have teeth that are cracked, chipped, misshapen, uneven, or discolored, veneers can hide all the damage.

We will need to remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth and then cement the porcelain veneers on top of them. Then you’ll be good to go!

Dental Implants

Nothing will wreck your smile faster than losing teeth as an adult. It can also destroy your health. That’s why at Perrigo Dental Care, we are proud to provide dental implants to serve as replacement roots and teeth. It is a simple two-stage process that will improve your quality of life for many years to come.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Do you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth? Are you finally ready to do something about it? Then we have just the treatment for you!

Invisalign is a forward-looking method for straightening out orthodontic issues. This treatment is comfortable, effective, safe, and discreet, which is why it is so popular with adult patients.

Instead of metal wires and brackets, you wear a series of clear, removable aligners for about 2 months. You can take them out to eat or when you need to rinse them off, and no one will ever know that you are wearing “braces.”

Learn More, Get Started!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s post! We are of the opinion that everyone deserves the chance to improve their outlook, regardless of age!

If you are ready to take the next step towards a better smile, contact our Hoover, Alabama office today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.