Do you sometimes have tooth pain or discomfort when you chew? Are you tired of seeing damaged teeth when you smile in the mirror? Here’s the thing: These problems are not going to get better on their own. In fact, they tend to get worse.

Call our Birmingham, AL dental office today at 205-545-8007 and schedule your next appointment for a dental crown. These dental restorations are very versatile, but they also look great and make your teeth stronger. Dr. Perrigo takes courses each year to stay fresh and trained in the latest research, giving him the training to match his extensive experience.

Dental Crowns Are Caps For Your Teeth

What are dental crowns? They’re a restorative dentistry treatment. That means they restore teeth to how they should be: healthy, strong, and attractive. Dental crowns are also called caps because they cover the visible parts of your teeth.

Your dental crowns will be made to order, and each one will be shaped to look like the tooth they’ll cover. They’ll also be shaded to look like healthy enamel. The dental crown procedure is simple for a highly trained dentist like Dr. Perrigo.

The Many Uses Of Dental Crowns

What can dental crowns do for your smile? Many things. Here are just a few.

– Repair tooth damaged by accidents or sports injuries.

Staying active is important for adults. You need to exercise, but just as important, it’s fun to play sports, ride bikes, and the like. However, there’s always a risk you can get an injury or get into an accident that can damage your smile. A foul ball or hard tackle can chip or crack your teeth.

Such damage gets worse over time, but not with a dental crown from Perrigo Dental Care. Because it covers the whole visible part of your tooth, it will repair the damage. It even protects the tooth so that damage doesn’t grow worse over time.

– Cover up stains or other imperfections.

Just about anything dark that you eat or drink (such as tomato sauce, coffee, and wine) will eventually darken your teeth. These stains make your whole smile look dingy. You can also have teeth with irregular edges or similar imperfections. This could come from wearing your teeth down after years of chewing, or you could just be born with an irregular tooth.

Dental crowns from Dr. Perrigo can help with both problems. Crowns are made to look like healthy enamel, so once Dr. Perrigo uses his expert training to place them over your stained teeth, all people will see is bright enamel. Plus, dental crowns can hide imperfections so your tooth looks normal.

– Strengthen a tooth weakened by decay or grinding.

Cavities are very common, and most people have a filling or two by now. However, cavities can grow large without you ever realizing it. These can make your tooth weak. Infections inside teeth can also make them brittle and prone to damage. You can even weaken your enamel by grinding your teeth or chewing ice.

To make these teeth strong again, you can get dental crowns. These add a tough, durable layer of protection to weak teeth, helping prevent serious problems like a fractured tooth.

– Replace missing teeth with a dental bridge or dental implant.

Sometimes, it’s not a damaged tooth that’s the problem — it’s a missing tooth. Whether it’s from an accident, gum disease, or infection, having a gap in your smile looks bad and is unhealthy. Dental crowns can help in two ways.

A dental bridge uses three dental crowns: One is the replacement tooth, and the others are placed atop the teeth next to the gap. This holds the replacement firmly in place.

A dental implant uses a dental crown as a replacement tooth like a dental bridge does. The difference is that this dental restoration uses an implanted artificial root to hold onto that replacement firmly.

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