Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

Welcome back to the Perrigo Dental Care blog! We are proud to be your trusted source for dentistry-related information on the internet. And if you should ever need a dentist in Hoover, Alabama, we would be proud to serve you and your family in that capacity.

We know how important having a good dentist in your life can be for optimizing your health and wellness. It makes a big difference when you come in for cleanings and exams every 3-6 months, as recommended. But it is also nice to know that we will be here in the event that the unexpected happens, such as a tooth that becomes dislodged.

This sort of thing can happen fast as the result of a car crash or sports injury, or it can sneak up on you over time as the result of gum disease or tooth decay. Either way, it will be bad for you.

Your remaining teeth will attempt to shift positions to compensate for the loss, your cheeks will appear to cave-in (making you look advanced in years), and your mouth won’t be able to handle chewing the fiber-rich foods that have so many benefits for your health.
Left unaddressed, tooth loss can wreak havoc on your life. Your health, appearance, self-confidence, and other aspects will all be adversely affected. But, your friends at Perrigo Dental Care can offer a permanent solution for adult tooth loss, dental implants.

How Can Dental Implants Help?

Dental implants are modern dentistry marvels that work to fill in the holes in your smile. Implants act as replacement “teeth” with strong artificial roots. As such, implants can help to restore your mouth’s proper functioning and appearance.

Your health and confidence will get a big boost once they are installed.

Full disclosure: not everyone is a great candidate for implants. You do have to be in good health overall with no underlying issues or conditions present. That said, if you are determined to be a good candidate, implants can forever change your life, for the better.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Here in our Hoover, AL dentist’s office, implants are a viable solution to tooth loss. They will mimic the look and function of natural teeth, and with the proper care, they will last the rest of your life.

Speaking of lifespan, implants can make you look younger and, by giving you access to healthy foods, they will give you the potential to live longer.

Plus, this is an easy two-part procedure that works like this:

Initially, a titanium post is inserted into your jaw to act as the root. This post will need to fuse with your bone for a couple of months before we can take care of the second step.

After the necessary healing has taken place, you will be able to come back to our office to receive your crown, which is the top of the implant–the part that looks like your tooth.

And then you are done. It’s as easy as that to get your normal life back!

The entire dental implant procedure is done in-house here at Perrigo Dental Care by the team you already know and trust. With Perrigo Dental Care, your implant experience will be less costly, more comfortable and more convenient than at other practices who outsource the implant procedure.

Now that you know what we can do, we hope you will let us help you move forward following tooth loss.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Losing teeth as an adult doesn’t have to be the end for your smile, or your life as you know it!

Why put it off any longer? Schedule your dental implant consultation at Perrigo Dental Care today to hear more about the procedure.

Contact our Hoover, AL dentist’s office today to get the ball rolling!