Don’t Hide from Your Oral Health!

Welcome back to the Perrigo Dental Care blog!

We strive to cover all of your dental needs in Hoover, Alabama from preventative exams to cosmetic dentistry solutions.

From our perspective, our job is to be your lifelong collaborator in creating and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

But we can’t do much to help you with your lovely smile if you never show your face around our Patton Chapel Road office.

We understand that life gets busy and things just happen.

With all the demands placed on you at home, school, and work, it is tempting to tell yourself that you just don’t have time for the dentist right now.

But you should know that if you expect to remain in good health, avoiding the dentist is a bad idea.

When you wait too long between visits to our Hoover, AL dental office, minor oral health issues can evolve into painful problems.

This is especially true in regards to tooth decay and gum disease.

Cavities Can Sneak Up On You

The processed sugars contained in most modern American meals feed the bacteria that causes your teeth to decay.

Plus, the acids found in many of our foods and beverages can weaken your enamel, so that your teeth become even more vulnerable to that bacteria.

One advantage of having regular in-office cleanings is that our Perrigo Dental Care team can help you fight decay by removing the plaque and tartar from all the crevices in your mouth that are hard to reach and where bacteria will lurk.

We will also be able to identify the early stages of decay before the real trouble begins.

A small cavity is an easy fix.

But it won’t remain small or easy for long.

Untreated decay will find its way into the soft pulp of your tooth.

At this point you will likely require a root canal.

If the tooth is decayed to the point that it can no longer be saved, you will be dealing with an extraction followed by some sort of artificial solution to fill the empty space in your mouth.

Would you ever want things to deteriorate to this level just because you had too many other things going on in your life to keep up with your regular checkups?

Gum Disease Is Hard To Self-Diagnose

Your regular cleanings and exams will also help protect you against gum disease.

Early on, this is a reversible condition. But it also hard to detect by anyone other than a dental professional.

Coming in every 3-6 months will allow us to diagnose and treat gum disease before it gets to the point where you are losing teeth and at risk of larger infections.

Did you know that untreated gum disease has been linked to heart disease, respiratory disease, and some types of cancer?

That doesn’t have to be your fate.

Don’t Be A Stranger!

Perrigo Dental Care is here for you, whenever you are ready.

Contact our Hoover, AL dental team today to schedule your next checkup!