There’s a difference between not wanting to go to the dentist and skipping needed dental care. That difference is called dental anxiety.

Call us today at 205-545-8007 to schedule an appointment for sedation dentistry and comfort options. Our Birmingham, AL dental office offers several ways to help you feel relaxed and comfortable at the dentist’s office. This way, you can finally get the dental care you need to stay healthy.

How Dr. Perrigo Can Help With Dental Anxiety

At Perrigo Dental Care, our team is concerned about you as a person, not just your teeth. That’s why we work hard to help you feel welcome, relaxed, and calm at Birmingham, AL dental office. Here is some of how you can get help.

Nitrous oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe, effective, and fast way to relieve dental anxiety. You breathe it in through a small “mask” that you wear over your nose. As soon as you start breathing it in, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. You stay awake the whole time so our team can talk to you, ask questions, and that sort of thing. You’ll just be having a pleasant experience.

Nitrous oxide is great for long appointments or complicated treatments. That said, it can even be used for a regular dental cleaning if your anxiety is strong enough.

Comfort options

Sometimes, it helps to make sure you’re comfortable when sitting in the dentist’s chair. That’s why our team offers several options to help feel warm and cozy. These include pillows that are actually comfortable, blankets, headphones for music, and more. You can also enjoy aromatherapy.

Friendly and warm demeanors

No doubt, you’ve been at a business where the air was warm but the service was cold. So have we, which is why our team is dedicated to being friendly and warm when you arrive for your appointment. Many of our patients come back time and time again because the staff helps them feel safe and comfortable.

Common Causes Of Dental Anxiety

There are many reasons why you might have dental anxiety. Knowing a possible cause can go a long way to helping you stay happy and relaxed.

It’s been way too long since your last visit.

It’s not too hard to miss a dental appointment. The real problem is how this can spiral out of control. Miss one, and it’s easier to miss the next, and so on. Before you know it, you could miss years of dental cleanings and dental exams.

If you’re worried about getting a lecture, don’t be. The entire team at Perrigo Dental Care only wants to help. You will never receive a lecture. Instead, you’ll only receive the excellent dental care that our highly trained dentists can provide.

You’ve heard others tell stories about bad dental visits.

Stories are powerful. They can inspire us, and they can give us cause for concern even when there isn’t one. If you’ve heard others talk about bad experiences they had with their teeth or gums, you could find yourself thinking about that during your own visits.

That’s where nitrous oxide and comfort options help. Both will help you forget about those stories and concentrate on the positive experiences you’re having with our Birmingham, AL dental team.

You had a bad visit yourself when you were a child.

Your childhood is a formative time. That means what happened then can still impact your life today. To a kid, the dentist’s office can be a scary place. It’s full of strangers, weird sounds, and more. Even if you never had a dental problem when you were younger, that weirdness can dredge up some anxiety.

Nitrous oxide will definitely help here, but more than just for one visit. The more relaxed visits you have at Perrigo Dental Care, the more your mind believes future visits will be easier. Do this enough times, and your dental anxiety can start to go away long-term.

You’re too used to working and being active.

If you’re a parent or you have plenty of responsibilities at work, you’re probably used to working hard and keeping busy. When you visit a dentist, the opposite happens. You have to sit back and let other people do the work. That can lead many to feel uncomfortable and anxious.

That’s why sedation dentistry can help. With some nitrous oxide, you can feel confident with lying back and letting someone else to the hard work for a change.

Call us TODAY at 205-545-8007 or use our online form to schedule your next appointment with dental sedation. With nitrous oxide, comfort options, and a staff that truly cares, you can defeat dental anxiety and get the care you need.