You brush your teeth in the mirror, and you can’t help but notice it. Your teeth are crooked.

You don’t like it, but what can you do? The idea of wearing traditional braces for up to three years is just too much to bear. That’s a problem, though, because misaligned teeth can lead to more cavities, gum disease, weaker enamel, and TMJ pain.

That’s why you need to call our Birmingham, AL dental office today at 205-545-8007 and schedule orthodontic treatment with Fastbraces. This modern version of braces will quickly and efficiently reposition your teeth so you finally have a healthy, straight smile.

Why Adults Can Need Orthodontics

Many people get some kind of orthodontics done when they are in their teens. That’s why some adults can wonder why they wind up with misaligned teeth later in life. There are generally three reasons for that:

  • 1. There are some who never got braces as a teenager: It’s not a law or anything. Teens get braces because, by then, your teeth have mostly stopped moving. But if your teeth weren’t that bad or braces were too expensive, you could have skipped getting them.
  • 2. You can get injuries to your teeth: All it takes is a bad tackle, a bike accident, or just having a bad fall to knock your teeth out of alignment.
  • 3. Your teeth can still move: Orthodontic treatment will reposition your teeth, but nothing can lock them in place. Decades of chewing will nudge your teeth apart, giving you gaps and crooked teeth.

The Benefits Of Fastbraces

What is Fastbraces? It’s a modern version of traditional braces. You will still get brackets placed on the front of your teeth, and a wire runs through them. Over time, this gently moves your teeth to where they should be. Fastbraces will definitely get you the straight, even smile you deserve, but there are several other benefits from this orthodontic treatment.

– Fastbraces is a modern orthodontic treatment.

When it comes to helping your smile improve, do you want to put your trust in something old and possibly outdated or something new, modern, but tested? It’s not like traditional braces don’t work. It’s just that Fastbraces is more modern and does its job in much less time.

Call our Birmingham, AL dental office today to make your first Fastbraces appointment. By using a triangular bracket, Fastbraces can move the whole tooth much more efficiently than traditional braces.

– You won’t need a new wire for your braces.

All braces use a wire to connect all the brackets. By tightening the wire, you can push or pull your teeth to where they should be. But with traditional braces, you have to get that wire replaced every so often. Each time, you have to come into the dentist’s office, meaning you get extra demands on your tight schedule.

By calling Perrigo Dental Care today, you can get Fastbraces instead. Because it’s a modern orthodontic treatment, the wire never needs to be replaced. You get one when you first get your Fastbraces placed, and that’s it.

– Fastbraces can be done within weeks or months, not years.

One of the biggest differences between traditional braces and Fastbraces is how much time they need before being done. With traditional braces, you’re looking at 2-3 years before your teeth are repositioned.

Fastbraces uses a special bracket that can move the whole tooth more quickly. That’s why Fastbraces really are fast. You can be done in weeks or months!

– Fastbraces can be more affordable for you.

With any orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to visit the dentist every so often. That’s so the dentist can make sure the teeth are heading where they need to be. You also need adjustments to your orthodontics to keep teeth moving. That means you have to pay for all those visits.

You can call our Birmingham, AL dental office today and get Fastbraces and save some money. Because it’s done much faster, that means you’ll need a lot fewer visits to our Birmingham, AL dental office. And fewer visits means less cost to you.

Call us TODAY at 205-545-8007 or use our online form to schedule your initial appointment for Fastbraces. After all, straight teeth aren’t just for teens. With fewer appointments, one wire, less cost, and faster results, Fastbraces can get you a more healthy, attractive smile.