Do you reach for the Advil on a daily basis to relieve your chronic headaches? Have you been to your general practitioner only to find that medication and treatments only mask the issue? Millions of Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and the journey to relieving those nagging pains can often be lengthy and exhausting. But there is another way to resolve your issues. You can visit a dentist trained to examine and treat headaches with state-of-the-art oral appliances.

At Perrigo Dental Care, we treat patients with headaches, migraines and issues with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ). In some cases, chronic headaches can be caused by problems with the TMJ. Patients with TMJ issues often clench or grind their teeth a night, a condition known as bruxism, or experience clicking, popping, or restrictions in jaw movement. Patients also can have alignment issues or have experienced trauma that irritated the TMJ. Our office can treat TMJ issues or chronic headaches using special mouth splints or mouthguards.

Your Place For Headache Relief
Constant headaches can weigh heavily on your personal and professional life. Headaches are not only painful, but they can be distracting and can lead to depression. Simply put, when you don’t feel your best, it’s hard to be outgoing or thrive in your personal and professional life. Our office has a few different ways to treat your headaches and relieve your TMJ pains.
One device that I have had success using is the NTI splint. This special acrylic device is custom fit to your teeth and inhibits the molars from touching. Patients wear the device at night as a way to take the pressure off the TMJ.

Here’s a quick at-home test you can do to see how the NTI actually works. Place your hands on your temple and then clench your teeth. You’ll feel your temple pulse from the pressure caused by the bite. Now place a small item – something the size of a pen – between your teeth and clench again. With a splint between your front teeth, the pressure on your TMJ and temple and greatly reduced. Patients who clench or grind their teeth at night often do it involuntarily for hours at a time. Imagine the amount of constant pressure you are putting on your temple and TMJ. The NTI device can eliminate the pressure and begin relieving your headaches for good.

Relieve Pressure From TMJ
If I determine that the source of your headaches is due to an issue with your TMJ, I can create a custom fit appliance that will move the lower jaw in a more appropriate position. We use digital X-rays and panoramic X-rays to diagnose and plan out treatments for your TMJ issues. My TMJ mouthguard helps take the pressure off the TMJ and resolve clenching or grinding issues.

Clenching or Grinding can cause serious wear and tear to your teeth. In some cases, people need extensive restoration to repair their teeth after damaged caused by grinding or clenching. Not all dental practices treat TMJ issues, and some dental offices refer patients to jaw surgery. One way to reduce your risk of serious jaw damage is to wear an oral appliance that will stop those involuntarily clenching or grinding habits.

TMJ issues are more common in women between the ages of 20 to 40, but it can occur at any age to both men and women. If you find yourself waking up with headaches daily or have stiffness in your shoulders or neck, you may have unresolved TMJ issues. Our office can evaluate your mouth and jaw and quickly determine if your TMJ is the source of your headaches. Contact our office today to schedule your first visit with us.