The beginning of the school year is once again right around the corner. If you have kids, you are probably feeling the bittersweet emotions of so many other parents. You love having your kids home for summer fun, but you are excited to have a little time to yourself once again. It’s ok to have mixed feelings!

You are probably doing everything you can think of to help your child have a great start to the school year. You have collected all of the supplies your child needs, purchased a few new outfits and shoes for the school year, and scheduled the appointments for haircuts!

Have you done anything to be sure your child will have a happy, healthy smile this school year? It’s an important part of preparing your child for the year, yet many parents brush it to the side to do later. Here’s the bad news: later doesn’t come! There will always be something that comes up, which is why it’s important that you make the time NOW.

Family Dentistry in Hoover, AL

Here at Perrigo Dental Care, we are working for the benefit of you and your family. We see every member of your crew from the toddler to the grandparents. We especially love seeing kids who are in school because they are so fun to talk to! It seems like they always have something to teach us!

Family dentistry is important because it allows your kids to see where you go for your teeth, and it also helps them to build a relationship with a dental office that they can use for many years to come.

Kids Benefit from Routine Oral Health Care

Right now, while your kids are in school, it is especially important that they maintain routine dental appointments every six months. Those appointments benefit your kids more than you might realize. Take a look below at some surprising pros to bringing your child to the dentist at the beginning of the school year.

Better Focus in School – Think about how distracted you are when you feel like your teeth are not clean or when you can feel plaque buildup on the backs of your teeth. Now imagine a child, who is easily distracted as it is, trying to focus in school with that discomfort in their mouth! A clean, healthy smile means better focus in school.

More Confident Smile – Going to school and meeting new friends is a great experience for your little one, but they will feel so much more confident about the process if they have a healthy, clean smile to show off! Give them the chance to smile freely with healthy teeth!

Fewer Sick Days – Did you know that the health of your smile actually affects the health of the rest of your body? A child with a smile that is free of infection and decay is less likely to be sick elsewhere! Plus, you won’t have to run to the dentist office as often!

Building a Relationship of Trust

Bringing your child to the dentist will help them be healthier and feel more confident, but it serves another purpose as well. You want that little one to grow up with a healthy, happy smile. The only way to ensure that that happens is to maintain routine dental cleanings and exams.

This keeps their teeth healthy, but it also creates a habit and relationship between your child and the dental office. The best way to ensure that your child keeps routine dental appointments after they move out on their own is to make it a habit now!

Kids’ Exam, X-Rays, and Consultation for Just $49

We make those kids’ appointments easier with a Kids’ Special! Your child will get an exam, X-rays, and consultation for only $49. That’s an incredible bargain, especially when you consider the X-rays. What are you waiting for?

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