Welcome to another May edition of the Perrigo Dental Care blog! Now that Memorial Day is upon us, summer has unofficially arrived in Hoover, Alabama. That means it’s time to unwind a bit and enjoy life to the fullest!

Still, it is our hope that, whatever you and your family are up to, you will remain diligent about your efforts to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking its best. To that end, we’ve compiled a few tips for healthy living during this laid-back season. Keep reading, and then be sure to follow up with us to set-up your next preventive dental appointment!

Avoid Sugary Foods And Beverages

It’s easy to grab a soda at the pool or let the kids select a snack from the vending machine when you are travelling. But that won’t be good for their teeth. That sugar will feed the bacteria that causes decay.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated will help your overall health. But it can also help keep your breath fresh by producing saliva that eliminates the bad-breath causing bacteria. It’s even better when you can find fluoride-infused tap water. Bottoms up!

Brush Like You Mean It

You brush need to brush your teeth for 2 minutes or more, and do it at least twice each day. This is your main defense against cavities and disease, plus it will leave your mouth feeling clean.

Find The Floss

We like to joke that brushing is the least you can do to protect your teeth and gums. But we only say that because brushing alone is never going to be enough to keep you healthy.

To reach the plaque and tartar that hides out between teeth and in other hard to see areas, dental floss is the tool you will need. Do it as often as you can.

Rinse Your Mouth

There are some excellent fluoride mouthwashes available that can bring added oral health benefits. Just check the labels for age-appropriateness.

Visit The Dentist

Visiting our dental practice every 3-6 months will be the key to keeping your oral health where it needs to be.

Our professional teeth cleanings can take care of any lingering bacteria, tartar, or plaque that wants to make trouble for you.

Plus, our thorough exams will give you a more complete picture of what is going on in your mouth. Early detection is always less painful and less costly. It can mean the difference between a filling and a root canal!

To take it further, we offer more protection! We can provide dental sealants for children and adults alike. Our hope is that, with sealants, you may be able to steer clear of the need for fillings or crowns in the future.

Start Today!

When it comes to preventive dentistry, you can bet that avoiding sugar, drinking water, brushing, flossing, rinsing, and visiting your dentist are the kind of habits that will keep your family smiling all summer long!

Contact Perrigo Dental Care today to schedule your next preventive appointment in Hoover, AL!