Welcome to the Perrigo Dental Care blog! We are delighted that you found our online home. If you live in the Hoover, Alabama area, we hope to see you in-person soon.

Odds are, we have what you need to keep your mouth healthy and your smile shining brightly. At our practice, the patients range from senior citizens to toddlers as young as 2 years old. We take a comprehensive approach to preventive dentistry that is designed to serve you at every stage of life.

But we can’t do it alone! Oral health is a partnership between dentists and families. There are some things that you will need to attend to in-between office visits. The rest, you can leave to us!

Here are a few guidelines, reminders really, of what it takes to stay on the good road…

Brush Twice A Day

The ADA suggests that you brush your teeth for 2 minutes at a time, and that you do it twice each day at a minimum. This is your basic defense against decay and disease. And, besides, frequent brushing will leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

Find The Floss (And Use It!)

Brushing is the beginning. It is the least you can do for your mouth. If you expect to reach the dangerous plaque and tartar (not to mention food remnants) that lurk between teeth and in other hard to get to places, dental floss is what you will need. Flossing becomes natural if you make yourself do it daily it in conjunction with brushing.

Fluoride Is Fulfilling

Start your day with fluoride, if you can. Fluoride is a natural element that promotes tooth retention and keeps decay at bay. In most places, fluoride can be found for free in your house! That’s because it is contained right in the majority of public tap water. Plus, there are good fluoride mouthwashes available that can bring added oral health benefits. It is easy, quick, and painless to make it part of your routine.

Plan To Visit Perrigo Dental Care Every 6 Months

Whatever you are doing at home is all to the good. But to supplement your efforts, you’ll need to tap into our advanced knowledge and high-tech dental tools to really boost your oral health. That’s why visiting your Hoover dentist every 3-6 months is the key to holding it all together.

Our professional teeth cleanings can eliminate any remaining bacteria, food, tartar, or plaque. And our thorough dental exams can give you a more complete picture of the situation in your mouth. Detecting issues early on is always less painful and less costly than letting them go on without resolution. We are talking about the difference between a simple filling and a root canal or extraction! And it can mean your life when it comes to oral cancer!

For an additional layer of protection, we also provide dental sealants on children’s permanent teeth. With sealants, your son or daughter may be able to avoid the need for more complicated work later in life.

Make Your Preventive Appointment Today!

When it comes to preventive dentistry in Hoover, Alabama, we’ve got you covered!

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