Keeping Oral Health Front And Center In Hoover, AL

Hello again! Thanks for visiting the virtual home of Perrigo Dental Care. We hope that our website is full of helpful dentistry-related information for you and your family. If you live in the Hoover, Alabama area, we can help keep you on track in terms of oral health. That’s because we ultimately want the same things.

We want you to…

…have a clean mouth!

…avoid cavities!

…keep gum disease at bay!

…sidestep any costly treatments!

…keep your smile looking great!

As such, we’d love to plug you into our comprehensive preventive dentistry program that involves home hygiene, regular checkups, professional teeth cleanings and ongoing educational efforts.

Don’t Let Your Health Get Away

If you get your fill of Valentine’s Day treats, remember that tooth decay sets in when sugars and starches are left on the surface of your teeth.

They then turn into the acids that form plaque when combined with your saliva. This plaque, in turn, destroys your teeth enamel, creates cavities, and even contributes to gum disease. Clearly, this is all bad news for you!

That said, there are some easy steps that you can take to keep decay from destroying your beautiful smile. For starters, find a good toothbrush and put it to work! Our friends at the American Dental Association recommend that you brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes, twice or more per day.

Brushing your teeth (twice a day for two minutes or more) is a non-negotiable. But so too is flossing! Did you know that dental floss is the only effective method for removing food particles, tartar and plaque that hides between your teeth and in other dark places?

Beyond flossing, you might want to add a fluoride mouthwash to your daily routine for extra protection. And drink plenty of fluoride-fortified tap water!

Sure, it takes a little effort on your part, but all of these things are easier and less costly than root canals and extractions!

Make Perrigo Dental Part Of The Plan

Every 3-6 months, you should plan to come in to get a professional teeth cleaning with our Ultrasonic Scaler and Prophy Jet Polish. With our tools, you can eradicate any tartar, plaque, and bacteria that might have built up in spite of your best efforts with the brush, floss, and mouthwash at home. It is an extra layer of protection that ought not to be taken for granted.

During your checkup we will go over your mouth in search of any emerging causes for concern. Obviously, if anything is amiss, we want to address the problem before it becomes harder (and more costly) to deal with.

We can also set you up with dental sealants, even if you are an adult. Our dental sealants are really just layers of protective plastic coating that seal off the grooves and hidden nooks of your teeth that are known to collect food, plaque, etc.

Through your hygiene habits at home and by making us part of your plan every 3-6 months, you will stay on the good road. Remember, we are here to meet you where you are at, and take you where you need to go!

Take Back Your Health Today!

Contact us right away to schedule your first appointment at our Hoover, Alabama dental practice.

We are ready to be your partner for oral health!