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We hope that you have been making good choices this summer and taking extra care to brush away any sugary residues that may have been consumed. In case you didn’t know, any sugar left in your mouth can feed the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

That brings us to today’s topic: cavities and how to treat them more discreetly than before.

If you are of a certain age, you probably are already familiar with the way that cavities have traditionally been treated: with silver (hard to miss) dental fillings.

The age-old dental filling procedure is where we just go in and dig out the decay and fill in the remaining hole with some other substance. Conventional silver fillings were fine for this job, but they did have some issues associated with them including the fact that they detracted from the appearance of your smile.

The good news is that, at Perrigo Dental Care, we have changed the way we approach restorative dentistry to reflect the changing times. We always invest in the latest tool and technologies around here.

That’s why our office now utilizes mercury-free dental fillings to treat cavities.

A Tooth-Colored Solution

The silver amalgam that is used to make conventional fillings is actually a paste comprised of mercury along with other metals. That is not good if you have metal allergies.

The nice thing is that our fillings are now made of composite resin, glass ionomer or ceramic, which means that they are tooth-colored, biocompatible materials that contain no mercury or other metals.

You won’t have to worry about having a foreign substance in your body, or feel embarrassed about ugly metallic splotches on top of your teeth.

Here’s How It Works

The actual procedure is pretty much the same as it ever was. For your filling treatment, we will first isolate the tooth (or teeth) in question while protecting the rest of your mouth with a rubber dam. Then, we will clean the tooth, eliminate any signs of decay, and re-shape it.

Composite resin is then mixed to match your teeth and is applied to the affected tooth layer by layer. That’s all there is too it!

When we are through with you, your mouth will be healthy, and your smile will look great again! Why wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

Let’s Make It Happen!

If you suspect, or know for sure, that you have one or more cavities, don’t put off your restorative dentistry treatment any longer. It will only get worse!

At Perrigo Dental Care we make it easy for you to get back on the good road. If you are apprehensive about coming in, we can set you up with one of our sedation dentistry solutions designed to take the edge off.

Plus, when we are finished, no one will ever know you’ve had a cavity because our tooth-colored fillings will hide the evidence.

To schedule your next appointment in our Hoover, Alabama office, contact us online or call 205-545-8007 today!