Tooth Decay Prevention in Hoover, AL

What causes tooth decay? Tooth decay can affect the enamel of the tooth, as well as the dentin layer. Tooth decay is destructive of the tooth structure and can occur when sugars and starches are left on the teeth due to poor brushing and flossing. Those carbohydrates then turn into bacteria, which turns into acids that form plaque when combined with saliva. This plaque destroys teeth enamel and creates cavities. This is where tooth decay prevention comes to place.

We're very adamant about patients keeping their six month cleanings. Mainly because, people who are not used to that typically come in when they're hurting. A lot of times they have multiple problems and they want to fix that one thing. I tend to like to look at dentistry more comprehensively — all the teeth kind of work together. It's kind of like one of your body parts. If one of your fingers is not working properly, it's hard to hold onto things with your hand. Teeth are kind of the same way. They all distribute forces when you're chewing equally. Things tend to shift. Mainly education is the most important thing with a patient, just because they don't know. they may have grown up in a household where they just weren't given that opportunity to go every six months so they don't know any differently. I kind of enjoy educating people and my staff enjoys educating people about how important it is to come every six months, because I can find everything sooner. Also, I can look at things comprehensively, so we like to bring patients in through the dental hygiene program. We can kind of come up with a plan. When they come in on a six month basis, you kind of avoid the major things, like root canals and tooth aches, things of that nature. With proper diagnostic we can catch those things a lot earlier. That's why it's important they come in for their six month cleanings.

In order for tooth decay prevention, it is important to brush your teeth at least twice each day. The ADA recommends that you brush your teeth for at least two minutes during each brushing session

  • . You can also avoid sticky, sugary foods to give yourself less work when you brush!

At Perrigo Dental Care, our Hoover, AL dentists can recommend tooth decay prevention and treatments such as dental sealants and regular cleanings to make sure you don’t let plaque accumulate and harden on your teeth.

If after your initial exam it is determined that you are at risk of tooth decay, one of our hygienists or doctors will sit down with you and discuss what you can do to prevent tooth decay, as well as any current treatments you may need. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Brushing your teeth daily and flossing, preferably after every meal and before going to bed
  • Using dental floss properly
  • Eating nutritious meals and avoiding candy, chips, and other carbohydrates
  • Getting fluoride treatments at Perrigo Dental Care
  • Drink fluoridated water
  • Visit your dentist regularly and get a professional cleaning with the Ultrasonic Scaler and Prophy Jet Polish
  • Use a mouth rinse

Dental Panoramic-X-Rays | Hoover AL - Perrigo Dental CareOn your first visit to Perrigo Dental Care, you will get a comprehensive exam checking all aspects of your oral health. The doctor will determine what is the best decay prevention care for your specific needs.

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to tooth decay. If you follow through with the recommendations from our Hoover, AL dentist, you are sure to avoid tooth decay and have a smile you can be proud of.

If you visit our facility before your tooth decay issue becomes severe, you will avoid many headaches in the future. Regular oral exams and cleanings should be part of your doctors’ checkup routine. Dr. Perrigo may also discuss the application of dental sealants to help tooth decay prevention, especially in child patients. This protective plastic coating seals off grooves and crannies that are known to collect food particles and keep the tooth from getting plaque and acid. The dental sealants can also be applied to adult patients.

We do sports guards for patients. I have children that participate in activities and sports. There's a misconception about what a sport guard is. A sports guard is more for concussion prevention than it is from saving the teeth. That's a byproduct of what you're making it for. It can protect teeth from being knocked out from a baseball hitting them in face or when people are in contact sports the hits can cause the jaw or the teeth to slam against each other. That causes damage to the teeth but it also rattles the brain. Having a sports guard in there also protects against concussions.

If you are in the Hoover, AL area and would like to make an appointment for tooth decay prevention, call 205-545-8007 or request an appointment using our online form.