Dental Crowns and Dental Bridge in Hoover, AL

Our All-Porcelain Dental Crowns are very effective, natural-looking caps that are placed over teeth. A dental crown can also be placed on top of an implant and cover the entire area of the tooth, above the gum line.

My part of the practice is kind of toned down to routine things with composite restorations, don't use anymore silver fillings, like the amalgams, but mostly all composite and bonding techniques with that. There's still a lot of crown and bridge to do with different materials. The amalgam restorations do have some mercury in them. The bad rep that mercury has is pretty significant. People are asking for the tooth matching materials now. The reason you need a crown or a bridge is certain teeth can't be restored any longer with routine restorations like amalgam or composites. When the tooth gets to that point where it's that broken down, then it has to have some type of full coverage to maintain the integrity of what's remaining of the tooth.

As far as the crown and bridge part of it, the bridge part of it is when they have teeth missing, now with the evolution of implants, some of the bridges aren't indicated anymore. You can actually place implants. Especially if the adjacent teeth are going to be bridged or in pristine or virgin condition, then it's best to go with an implant.

At Perrigo Dental Care, we use ceramic, EMAX, and all-porcelain crowns along with modern dental care techniques to provide you with a beautiful smile and top functionality. These high-quality crowns are used to repair or restore a tooth that is damaged, to protect a weakened tooth, or to enhance your smile as part of your cosmetic dentistry plan. Our Hoover, AL dentist’s knowledge and experience has allowed him to give his patients beautiful smiles with the use of these wonderful dental crowns. Dr. Perrigo can also remove any temporary crowns you may have and make sure your new crowns are perfect for your tooth’s restoration or repair.

The Dental Crown Procedure
Dental Crown and Bridge | Hoover AL - Perrigo Dental Care

Before dental crowns can be placed over a tooth, prep work needs to be done. Preparing your tooth properly is a vital part of the process. Dr. Perrigo takes great care to take out old fillings, cleaning out any particles or traces of tooth decay, and re-filling the tooth before placing the all-porcelain dental crown. Then, the crown can be sealed inside the tooth in the best condition possible for your comfort.

Dental Bridge: Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth, or perhaps just a missing tooth, you may benefit from a dental bridge. Dr. Perrigo’s experience in creating natural-looking and durable dental bridge will be put to use to create a bridge that is both functional and great looking. You won’t even notice you have it! A bridge is a restoration that includes a pontic (false tooth) surrounded by two crowns, which will be placed on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. Those two adjacent teeth provide the support needed to hold your bridge in place. The bridges used here at Perrigo Dental Care are made completely out of porcelain and contain no metal. Dr. Perrigo has been working with the same lab for over 10 years in the making of these bridges. If you are in the Hoover, AL area and would like to discuss the possibility getting a dental crowns or dental bridge with Dr. Perrigo, call us at 205-545-8007 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment using our online form.

A bridge is a solution for missing teeth. It's not the best solution but it's better than the alternative of walking around with no teeth. Some people find that they can't afford an implant at this point in their life so that becomes the only option. You get a little bit more help from an insurance carrier for a bridge. A lot of times, people that go with a bridge either don't have the bone available to place an implant in there and so their bridge is their only option or financially at this point in their life they just can't do the implant.

The one thing you're not solving is that bone loss around that empty space, that's one thing an implant does. Most people don't know, is that when you lose a tooth you essentially lose the bone, so 40% of the bone disappears within the first 6 months of losing a tooth, and then you lose about 1/2 a percent over the course of your lifetime. What'll happen is somebody will come in and they've been missing a tooth for a long period of time, but they don't have their bone available for an implant so a bridge becomes the only option. Unless they want to go through a bone grafting procedure.