Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Services in Hoover, AL

If you’re in the Hoover, AL area, we want to be your one-stop shop for the dental treatments of all your family members. You and your family can get all the family dentistry you need under one roof. We welcome child patients as young as 2-3 years old.

We love to treat whole families!

Here you will find the best care for your children from our hygienists, who will not only perform proper cleaning of your children’s teeth, but also will educate them on how to properly brush and floss to avoid cavities. Our whole staff loves to work with children of all ages. Kids feel relaxed and are treated with the utmost care. In fact, many of our child patients love to come over and visit our facility to get their teeth cleaned!

Family Dentist | Hoover AL - Perrigo Dental CareFamily dentistry is best in our practice. Dr. Perrigo and our staff are experienced at working with young patients, taking away any stress they may feel from previous dental practice experiences. You can rest assured that everyone in the family, including children, will appreciate the gentle hands of our staff.

Here at Perrigo Dental Care, children actually enjoy the oral care experience. They will feel welcome and comfortable talking to our hygienists and doctors. Our goal is to show your kids how to take care of their teeth for life, so they can stay healthy and avoid complications in the future.

Basically, children start visiting our facility when they are around 3 to 5 years old. We accept patients as young as 2 years old if they are able to sit comfortably throughout the dental session.

At the end of the kids’ visits, they get to pick a toy or prize from our beloved treasure chest. It’s a treat all kids love, and it makes them look forward to future visits. If you’re looking for a facility that can handle pretty much any dental treatment for the whole family, come to Perrigo Dental Care. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Treatments for Children at Perrigo Dental Care

Children at Perrigo Dental Care get training on how to brush their teeth and floss properly from of our experienced and friendly dental hygienists. Our children will also learn why dental hygiene is important for their overall health and will get tips that they can use at home to practice good oral health every day in a fun and gentle way. Our methods of dental cleaning are very comfortable for children.

We also offer the application of dental sealants on permanent teeth to keep children’s teeth from getting hardened plaque and eventually experiencing tooth decay. The sealants work as an extra protection from unwanted bacteria that stick around due to poor brushing and flossing. The application of dental sealants does not cause any pain to the patient. It entails applying a thin, plastic coating that hardens on the tooth after just a few seconds.

With dental sealants, the child may be able to avoid the application of fillings or crowns in the future, making them a great tooth decay protection option for children of all ages.

Kids’ Exam, X-Rays, and Consultation for Just $49

Family Dantal Care | Hoover AL - Perrigo Dental CareBoth adults and children can enjoy an affordable consultation that includes a thorough exam and X-rays. This exam will show if there is need for fillings or treatment for any other possible future issues such as gum disease, misalignments, and more. To learn more, check out our Special and Promotions page.

To schedule a family dentistry appointment for your first-time visit at Perrigo Dental Care, call our Hoover, AL office 205-545-8007 or request an appointment through our online form.