Oral Surgery

What is oral surgery? Dr. Perrigo specializes in many forms of dental surgery to fit the needs to his patients. Some of the most popular surgeries performed here at Perrigo Dental Care are:

  • Minor Sinus Lifts
  • Bone Grafting
  • Teeth Extractions
  • Dental Implants

When preparing dental implants, Dr. Perrigo does all the prep work after you have been diagnosed. He will use a plan of action that has been recommended and approved by you. The doctor will place and restore any implants you may need.

At Perrigo Dental Care, we use Carestream 3D software, which helps us create surgical guides for the most precise implant placement possible. This surgical guide is placed over the gums as a guide for the doctor to know where to position the implants for the most ideal fit. With these guides, the surgeries go smoothly and are safer and more precise.

Nerve damage is also reduced significantly, as well as any possible sinus perforations or damage to the arteries. You will find that Dr. Perrigo is never rushed when answering any questions you may have. He will sit down with you and discuss your oral surgery beforehand to make sure you are as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the procedure.

Sinus Lifts and Bone Grafting in Hoover

If you lose a tooth, you may notice that the bone around that empty socket in your mouth may start to fade. What is actually happening is that the body reabsorbs the bone. Some kind of trauma, disease, or infection can be the culprits of bone loss. This is a very harmful condition that can turn into severe oral problems if left untreated. Your teeth, gums, and jaw are at risk if you don’t act quickly to solve this problem.

When you are in need of dental implants but do not have enough jawbone to secure the implant properly, a bone graft may be of help. Dr. Perrigo may discuss this option with you if he thinks it’s a viable choice for your specific needs. With bone grafting, you get a built-up bone so that an implant can be properly supported. This process may take a few months. Also, bone grafting procedures help repair damaged bone.

The bone grafting procedure can be done here at Perrigo Dental Care using local anesthesia with Dr. Perrigo, who has vast experience with bone grafts. You can expect outstanding results.

Often, there is a thin barrier of bone between the upper jaw and the sinus, which is an empty space that is found above the upper teeth. Missing teeth cause the jaw bone to decrease even more, which may mean that there is not enough bone to secure an implant.

In these cases, Dr. Perrigo may recommend a sinus lift, which a minimally invasive procedure to lift the sinus membrane and place the bone grafting material in the bottom of the sinus cavity. This prepares the area for any implant that may be needed.

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