Tooth Removal / Extractions

Painless Tooth Removal and Dental Extractions in Hoover, AL

At Perrigo Dental Care, we do tooth removals and dental extractions, including third molars. If you have wisdom teeth that are bothering you and need to be removed, our Hoover, AL dentists can help!

Preserving your teeth is always the best option if possible. However, if you’re experiencing complications with a tooth, including discomfort or pain due to tooth decay, infection, or trauma, come see us to determine whether you might need a tooth extraction. We make sure that our patients are as comfortable as possible during the tooth extraction, offering them comfortable pillows, aromatherapy, headphones, and the help of a friendly staff.

Tooth removals are done using topical anesthesia to numb the area. Then, the doctor will give an injection and move along with the procedure slowly, making sure the patient is not experiencing any pain.

If your issue is wisdom teeth that are coming out crooked or causing pain, you might want to consider getting them extracted by Dr. Perrigo’s gentle hands. If Dr. Perrigo cannot help you because your teeth are impacted, he will be sure to refer you to an oral surgeon to further help you.

In the event of an impacted wisdom tooth, Dr. Perrigo may recommend a tooth extraction. An impacted wisdom tooth is a tooth that doesn’t break through the gums at all but may be causing discomfort or pain.

When a tooth is extracted, a problem may occur with the jawbone in which the bone surrounding the empty socket and the gum deteriorate and fade. In these cases, Dr. Perrigo does what is called socket preservation. This technique uses bone grafting material to fill that empty socket and in order to prevent the deterioration. In cases of future implants, the socket is already ready for it.

If you need dental extractions for any reason, Dr. Perrigo will make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire procedure, from the first examination to the tooth removal day. Dr. Perrigo is never rushed when talking to patients about their treatment options in Hoover, AL. You can also feel comfortable asking any questions you may have. Rest assured that you will get detailed answers during your consultation.

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