Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Welcome back to our Hoover, Alabama dentists’ blog!

At Perrigo Dental Care, we have all the solutions necessary to keep your mouth free of disease and decay, and to keep your smile looking great.

We strive to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for all, but we know that some of you will still need a little extra help relaxing while you are here.

In fact, millions of Americans suffer from a condition known as dental anxiety. This is when fear paralyzes you and prevents you from being able to get the oral health care that your body needs to stay on track.

In many cases, dental anxiety is the result of a bad experience with a dentist, earlier in life. Maybe you didn’t receive enough anesthesia for a childhood procedure, or were afraid of the sounds and smells of the dental drill. It could be that your dentist just wasn’t very personable and you never warmed up to the experience. Regardless, at Perrigo Dental Care, we want to create new memories for you, ones that stand out as being pleasant. Our team will do whatever it takes to put your fears to rest.

Your oral health is too important to just stay away. The professional teeth cleanings that you are supposed to get every 3-6 months will eradicate any lingering tartar and plaque that will only cause problems if they are given the opportunity to hang around. Plus, the dental checkup exams can alert us to any emerging issues such as cavities and periodontal disease. Trust us, early treatment (like a filling) is much better than having to deal with a condition when there aren’t many good options left (i.e. root canals, extractions). And, when we are acquainted with your mouth, we will be able to detect signs of things going awry elsewhere in your body such as cancer.

The bottom line is, you need to find a dentist in Hoover, AL that you can trust and visit their office often.

That said, we know that it is easier said than done when anxiety has you in its grips. But we can help you overcome your fears by taking extra measures, namely sedation dentistry.

Relax, Perrigo Dental Care Is On Your Side

We want you to know that, whatever level of fear or anxiety you are dealing with, your fear doesn’t have to get in the way of your continued health and wellness. We can provide sedation dentistry options that are guaranteed to help you relax.

In the event that you are feeling anxious about visiting the dentist, we have nitrous oxide gas available to help you feel more at ease. There’s a reason we call it laughing gas!

Nitrous oxide gas is a sedative that can help ease your nerves and make your dentist visit more pleasant no matter what type of procedure you have come in for.

We typically recommend nitrous for longer visits and treatments. Yet, it can be helpful for patients who just need a regular cleaning but can’t relax without a little help.

Your Hoover, AL dentist is confident that you will start feeling comfortable with your treatments here. We will work towards relieving your dental anxiety from the time you make your first appointment and continue to build trust as we look after your dental needs. Importantly, there won’t be any disapproving looks or condescending lectures awaiting you when get here.

Our team will thoroughly explain what your process will entail and how any potential pain will be alleviated. What’s more, we will further relax you with comfortable pillows, warm blankets, aromatherapy, headphones, and so forth.

Take Back Your Life

We hope that you can see how gentle we will be with you. Please don’t let your dental care go unaddressed any longer. If you have dental anxiety, we want to help get you back on the good road as soon as possible.

Contact us today to schedule a pain-free appointment at our Hoover, Al dentist’s office.