Hello and welcome to another July installment of the Perrigo Dental Care blog!

We are proud to be your go-to source for dentistry solutions in the Hoover, Alabama area. Around here, we make it our mission to keep your mouth clean and free of disease, and to keep your smile looking great all through the year.

Now that we are well into summer, maybe you should treat yourself to a professional teeth whitening treatment to ensure that your smile will be camera-ready for all the outings and get-togethers this season brings.

Why bother?

For one reason, as you know, it can be embarrassing to socialize when your formerly-pearly-whites are full of stains and discoloration.

But don’t think we are calling you out. You are certainly not alone when it comes to this problem. We all love some kind of food or beverage that contributes to the staining of our teeth. Plus, get this: simply getting older will darken your smile too! It seems like you just can’t win!

But you can easily reverse the effects of foods, beverages, medications, and aging with a teeth whitening procedure. Just be sure that you trust your whitening to the dentist and not some mass-produced drugstore kit.

Over-The-Counter Whitening Will Underwhelm You

Here’s the problem with DIY whitening kits: they leave you in charge of the operation, so you will be the only one responsible for the inevitable failure. Clever, right?

It really is destined to fail. This is because the equipment is not custom-designed. You will get a one-size-fits-all tray that won’t properly fit your unique mouth. That means that the gel (which isn’t professional grade) won’t have a chance to work. That said, the gel will have a chance to damage your gums when it spills over onto your soft tissues.

We Can Get The Job Done

No matter what level of staining you are up against, the KöR Whitening system that we use at Perrigo Dental Care will improve your situation quickly. You can also have the peace of mind that comes with trusting the process to your dentist. As oral health professionals, we know exactly what needs to happen.

As such, we actually use a combination of at-home and in-office whitenings to get your teeth where they need to go.

One of the many benefits of having a dentist-guided teeth whitening treatment from Perrigo Dental Care is that you get to use our custom-built whitening trays that are designed to fit your smile.

In fact, our whitening trays come from impressions of your actual teeth, so you know that they are going to be an exact fit in your mouth, making them much more effective and safe than the kits off the shelf.

Let’s Work Together!

Summer gatherings can be a real bummer if you don’t have the smile you want. But there’s no need to despair!

The team here at Perrigo Dental Care wants to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile ASAP. But before you can flash your gorgeous new grin, you have to take the first step and schedule your next appointment!

Why delay? Contact our Hoover, Alabama team today to kickstart the process!