Hello and welcome to another April edition of the Perrigo Dental Care blog! We are your trusted source for comprehensive dentistry solutions in the Hoover, AL area. If you live around here, it would be great to see your smiling face in our office sometime soon!

Once entrusted to our care, we will be here to help keep your smile looking its best all through life. Let’s face it: no matter how well you think you take care of your teeth, cavities can still take hold for a variety of reasons. And, honestly, a cavity that is detected early enough isn’t going to wreak much havoc. That’s what restorative dentistry is designed to help with.

You may well know that cavities have traditionally been treated by employing silver dental fillings.These simple procedures essentially involve a digging out of the decay and a filling in of the remaining hole with some other substance.

Conventional silver fillings worked well enough, but they did have a few concerns associated with them. Plus, they definitely looked unnatural in your mouth.

Fortunately, at Perrigo Dental Care, we have invested heavily in new technologies and kept up with the latest trends. As such, we currently feature subtle, mercury-free dental fillings to treat cavities. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to deliver the sort of treatments our patients deserve.

No Mercury Is A Good Thing

Some people have metal allergies, which makes it hard to stop decay if all you have at your disposal is silver amalgam. Remember, the silver amalgam that goes into conventional fillings is actually a paste comprised of mercury along with other metals. Weird, right? It bears repeating, though, that they did get the job done, saving millions of teeth over the years.

Still, we like to celebrate the fact that our fillings are now made of composite resin, glass ionomer or ceramic, which means that they are tooth-colored, biocompatible materials that contain no mercury or other metals. They will look and feel completely natural in your mouth. Who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

Plus, these new and improved fillings allow for increased durability by bonding directly to your tooth structure. The old process actually weakened your tooth and left it more vulnerable to fracture. That’s definitely a bonus from our perspective.

Tooth-Colored Blends Better Too!

For your filling treatment, we will first isolate the tooth (or teeth) in question while protecting the rest of your mouth with a rubber dam. Then, we will clean the tooth, eliminate any signs of decay, and re-shape it. It is easy enough.

This is the neat part: at a certain point the proper shade of composite resin is then mixed to match your teeth and is applied to the affected tooth layer by layer. This is why it blends in so well with your existing smile.

When we are finished, you will feel better and look great.

Take Back Your Oral Health Today!

Do you think you have a cavity? Contact our Hoover, AL dental office if you’d like to learn more about our tooth-colored, mercury-free fillings. You’ll be glad that you did!