Short-term Orthodontics For Long-term Happiness

Welcome back to our Hoover, Alabama dentistry blog.

We hope that you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather and that you have plenty of things to smile about! If you are not particularly excited about the appearance of your smile, then that is something we’d like to talk to you about.

Life is too short, and your happiness is too important to walk around with a smile that embarrasses you. After all, you can only hide out for so long.

That’s why, at Perrigo Dental Care, we have several good options for adults looking to improve their look, and change their lives.

Braces Are For Adults Too

Have you ever considered orthodontic solutions for your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth?

Why not?!

We aren’t talking about the conventional metal braces that your friends were saddled with in middle school. Don’t worry, things have definitely improved on that front.

Such braces are still very effective in certain situations, but not everyone wants to commit to such a long-term arrangement, especially one that draws unwanted attention, creates discomfort, and traps so much food!

Most of our adult patients are looking for braces that will radically makeover their smiles in the quickest, most comfortable, and least noticeable way possible. We get it. You have a career and a social life and you’d rather not have your friends and colleagues gawking at the construction zone in your mouth.

Rest assured that here at Perrigo Dental Care, we have orthodontic options that will work wonders and will change the way you think about braces in the process.

Are You Looking For…

… A Radiant Smile That You Can Proudly Share?

… Quick Treatment Time To Achieve The Desired Results?

… A Discreet Method To Get The Job Done?

Short Term Orthodontics Are Just What You Need!

In our Hoover, AL dentist’s office, we can straighten out the situation in your mouth in no time, and no one will ever know you are in the midst of treatment. But we will need to determine which of our two methods is the best fit for your current needs.

Fastbraces: The Name Says It All!

Rather than using square brackets with round wires, we use triangular brackets with square wires. What’s so special about that? Well, it’s a faster way to realign teeth!

Fastbraces cleverly employ the newfangled shape of brackets and wires in order to give your braces more leverage to move your roots and crowns at the same time.

With Fastbraces, your orthodontic treatment can actually be completed in a matter of weeks! And with tooth-colored hardware, it will be an inconspicuous endeavor.


Invisalign is such a forward-looking solution for moving teeth that these “braces” aren’t even braces at all.

Instead of wires and metal, Invisalign utilizes clear plastic aligners to get you the same great results that braces can deliver.

With Invisalign, there are no monthly adjustments in our office. You will simply wear each set of aligners for two weeks or so before switching them out on your own to keep you teeth moving towards a more perfect alignment.

Invisalign is a big hit with our adult patients because it is a virtually invisible treatment, the gear is comfortable and removable (which makes it easy to clean), and the process usually wraps up in 12 months, give or take, depending on the severity of your problems.

Most importantly, the results are stunning!

Get Started Now

At Perrigo Dental Care, we know that having bad teeth is no laughing matter. But we can give you something to smile about in a hurry.

Contact our Hoover, AL dental team today to schedule your short-term orthodontics consultation.

It’s time to treat yourself to a healthier, better looking grin!