Short-Term Orthodontics Have Long-Term Benefits In Hoover, AL

Welcome back to our Hoover, Alabama dental blog!

With January well under way, everyone is ready for something new, right? How about a brand new smile? Wouldn’t you love to escape those embarrassing aspects of your teeth that have followed you around all these years? Let’s make 2016 the year you put such problems behind you once and for all!

At Perrigo Dental Care, we have some great orthodontic options that will work dental miracles right before your eyes and will change the way you think about braces in the process.

Are You Ready For…

… A Gorgeous New Smile That Won’t Make You Feel Self-Conscious?

… Quick Treatment Time?

… A Method That Won’t Create A Noticeable Construction Zone In Your Mouth?

Then Short-Term Orthodontics From Perrigo Dental Care Are Just The Thing For You!

Around here, we can straighten out your troubled teeth in a jiffy, and no one will ever have to know about your orthodontic treatment.

Still, we will need to determine which of our two great methods is the best fit for your unique situation. So, get in touch right away to schedule your consultation.

Until then, here are some of the highlights of our treatments for you to consider…

Fastbraces Are Anything But Slow

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box, or bracket! Instead of using square brackets with round wires, for this method we use triangular brackets with square wires.

This slight variation has allowed us to accomplish more movement in much less time. Fastbraces utilize the new and improved shape of the brackets and wires in order to give your braces more leverage to move your roots and crowns at the same time.

You will find that, with Fastbraces, your orthodontic treatment can actually be completed in a matter of weeks rather than years. Isn’t that amazing? What’s more, with tooth-colored hardware, no one will ever know what you are up to while your smile is a work-in-progress. That means no strange comments or weird nicknames!

Sounds pretty great, right? Maybe it will suit your needs!

Invisalign Is Clearly Effective

There were many complaints about conventional braces: uncomfortable hardware that stays in non-stop for 2-3 years, dietary restrictions, special tools for cleaning, mouth sores and cuts, regular in-office adjustments, and hard-to-miss metal!

But that all changed with Invisalign. Honestly, Invisalign is such a different approach to straightening teeth that these “braces” aren’t even braces at all. They are more akin to mouthguards or whitening trays.

For one thing, Invisalign employs clear plastic (nearly invisible) aligners to get you the same great results that conventional braces can deliver. This means no metal!

If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, there will be no monthly adjustments in our office. You will simply wear each set of aligners for two weeks before switching them out on your own to keep your treatment on schedule.

We have found that Invisalign works great for most of our adult patients because it is a subtle treatment. And the gear is comfortable and removable, so meals and subsequent cleaning will be a breeze. And there won’t be any sores or cuts from the equipment.

What’s more, depending on the severity of your issues, Invisalign can usually be completed in a fraction of the time that old-school braces would require to get th job done.

When are are finished, you will love your new, trouble-free smile!

Doesn’t that sound easy enough?

Take The Next Step!

We hope you will be inspired by today’s blog post. You know you deserve a smile transformation, so what are you waiting for?

At Perrigo Dental Care, we want you to feel good about the way that you look and the way that others perceive you.

Contact our Hoover, AL team today to schedule your short-term orthodontics consultation. We can’t wait to see you!