Hello and welcome to another July edition of the Perrigo Dental Care blog!

We hope that this platform is a good resource for you. If you live in Hoover, Alabama, we also hope that you will stop by and introduce yourself sometime.

Today we want to talk about something that is really scary in the minds of millions of Americans: dentists. Seriously! There is a very real and serious condition known as dental anxiety. Because it comes between you and the care you need, dental anxiety can destroy your smile and wreck your health before too long.

It’s alright if you, too, are apprehensive about dental appointments. Our goal is not to make anyone feel worse, but rather to implore you to give us a chance to work through your issues so that you can get the dentistry services you deserve without any pain or unpleasantness attached to the process.

The thing is: the longer you put off your appointments the worse it will be for you in terms of time, money, and damage.

Make It Better, Not Worse

We want to help you get back on the good road by putting our talent and technology to work for you.

Our professional teeth cleanings help you keep plaque and tartar from creating trouble over time. Plus, these important cleanings also leave your teeth sparkling and your breath tasting fresh.

What’s more, the thorough exams we issue can prevent any emerging gum disease and tooth decay from leading to extractions and artificial teeth down the road.

We can even screen you for oral cancer while you are here in order to ensure that you don’t exit the scene before your time.

A Pleasant Experience Awaits

All that stuff we said we can do for you is all well and good, but what do we do about your fear? Lots! We provide a safe, comfortable environment that is staffed by friendly, compassionate folks who are here to serve YOU!

We also have a way to really relax you during your visits to Perrigo Dental Care: sedation dentistry.

There are two varieties of sedation available here at Perrigo Dental Care:

Inhalation Sedation: This involves the use of nitrous oxide gas to normalize your bodily functions and relax you for your procedure. Don’t worry, it is safe, effective, and wears off fast.

Oral Sedation: You can also select an orally administered form of sedation. For this, we will give you a pill that you have to take prior to your operation. It is a strong sedative that will make your forget about your fears. You will need to line up a ride home though!

Get Back On-Track Now!

When you think about it, here are plenty of other reasons why sedation dentistry makes sense. If you have an uncontrollable gag reflex, can’t sit still in a dental chair, or are coming in for more than one procedure, sedation dentistry can really help.

If you are ready to schedule your next appointment with sedation dentistry in Hoover, Alabama, call us at 205-545-8007 or contact us online today!