I think clinical excellence, running a business, a lot of things that I've learned in the last few years, if you want to provide the type of service, high-quality care, friendly environment, that just doesn't come naturally to most people. We're constantly reinventing ourselves and training in this office. We have four quarterly staff training events a year. We have people come on site, working on customer service, taking care of the patient. We want to be a patient centered type office. It's not about us here. We want it to be about the patient's experience and type of care we provide. Clinically, I love dentistry. It's kind of a passion of mine. I have a little bit of an artistic side. I enjoy the art as well as the science of it. That's what's nice about dentistry — it kind of blends the two together. I enjoy changing people's lives, really, and their smiles and the way they feel about themselves. Ultimately, that takes training and so I spend a lot of time expanding my scope of services I provide for patients, whether it's through braces, I've done a lot of training in dental implants. In the last 2 or 3 years I've placed over 300 implants and it makes a difference for people, it makes a difference. I learned fast braces. I'm constantly spending 30 to 40 hours of continuing education a year trying to provide better care for everybody here.

You may be wondering what makes Perrigo Dental Care different from other facilities out there. Why should you choose us?

At Perrigo Dental Care, you will be treated with the utmost dignity regardless of race or social status. We welcome all patients and treat all of our patients the same. Dr. Perrigo, and the rest of our staff, takes a personal approach to your care. We really care about you and your well-being.

We are also working on a major renovation to make our practice all-digital, which will give you access to the latest dental technology available. Our practice is built on relationships, and our patients are so happy with us that we get lots and lots of referrals.

Here you can be sure you will be as comfortable as possible, having at your disposal warm blankets, cold bottled water, aromatherapy for your relaxation, comfortable pillows, disposable headphones, and even nitrous oxide (for a small fee).

I have patients that haven't been to their dentist in 5 to 10 years because they've had horrible experiences and they want nitrous. Honestly, I wean a lot people off of gas. It's one of those things if they want they want it, but it's not necessary here because we're not going to hurt you. Those are the two biggest fears— the fear of the unknown, you make them comfortable, and the second fear of being hurt. The first thing they're going to experience is an injection in your office if they're getting work done and that's the first thing you're going to do on them. If you go in there and you provide a good injection, they don't feel it, they don't hurt, the next thing you just kind of feel them kind of sigh and just kind of relax, like, “Okay.” Once you kind of get somebody out of pain, you start to gain their trust. That's the main thing. I find a lot of times people get overwhelmed if you give them too much information when they're hurting. I tend to kind of concentrate on what's bothering them, maybe discuss a little bit about a way that we could avoid this in the future, and then kind of take care of their pain. A lot of times we get long term customers or long term patients from that. The things we do provide — we have a comfort menu, we provide headphones for patients if they're worried about that sound, we also have aroma therapy, free wifi, we have blankets if people are cold, we have head and neck pillows, and things of that nature. We have lots of things, we don't necessarily call them technology, but things to make the patient more comfortable.

There are three reasons why a person looking for dental care should come to our office:

  • Convenient hours: we start taking appointments at 7:00 am, which means you can come in before work or school, if it’s more convenient to you.
  • Here you will be treated like family: you will be so glad you walked in that you will not want to leave. We are proud to be a relationship-oriented facility.
  • We are customer centric: our new patient experience cannot be beat. If you’re looking for first class customer service, you will want to be treated here at Perrigo Dental Care!

What makes us really unique is that we provide a great customer service experience in an upbeat, positive environment. Here, it’s all about the patient, and that’s exactly how you will feel!

Call 205-545-8007 or use our online form to request an appointment so that you can have the smile of your dreams.