Welcome back the part three of Perrigo Dental Care’s continuing blog series on the importance of family dentistry. When a family works together, there are few things they can’t accomplish. Here in Birmingham, families who come to Perrigo Dental Care will not only receive the quality dental they need to stay healthy, they will be educated on how to better take care of each other. This blog is only one of the ways we do this. The people of Birmingham need a convenient and reliable source of information on oral health and modern dentistry, and this forum is a wonderful way to provide that.

Despite the fact that everyone in your your family needs to help everyone else with their health care, your needs will not be the same. At Perrigo Dental Care we understand this, and we are prepared to listen and observe as we apply our expertise to solving your family’s dental problems.

In our previous blogs, we focused on the needs of the children and teenagers in your family, but now we are going to move on and address some of the dental concerns that arise with age.


Hopefully, you have spent your youth taking wonderful care of your teeth by brushing and flossing and receiving regular dental checkups. Unfortunately though, the simple act of aging is enough to wear on your teeth. If nothing else, there is a good chance you could use some cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile looking great.

Teeth Whitening from Perrigo Dental Care

You are probably aware that habits like drinking coffee and smoking can stain your teeth, but even if you have managed to avoid picking up those habits, your teeth can darken with age. Don’t worry, though, because at Perrigo Dental Care we offer the KöR Whitening system that will take care of even the toughest stains.

KöR Whitening uses the power of oxygen to restore your teeth back to the bright white of your youth. With combination of in-office and at-home treatments, the KöR is not only effective, but it is also safe and convenient.

If you don’t need a powerful whitening solution like KöR, but would still like to brighten your smile a few shades, then you can come into our office for some Professional Strength Crest Whitestrips. This teeth whitening solution is safe, easy and effective and requires that no special impressions be made of your teeth. So with no hassle, Professional Strength Crest Whtestrips will give you the brighter smile you want.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

As you get older snoring often becomes an issue. This problem is about more than just keeping loved ones awake with your loud rattlings every night. Snoring is often the first indication of sleep apnea, which means your sleep is being interrupted by irregular breathing.

At Perrigo Dental Care we can send you home with a sleep study kit, so you can get sleep quality results without having to go spend the night at a special center. If the results show you are indeed suffering from sleep apnea, then you will come into our Birmingham office and be fitted for a device similar to a mouthguard. This device will open your airways to ensure that you breathe freely and unrestricted throughout the night.

Health Home Care

You will never outgrow the need for strong home dental care routines. In fact, they only become more important. As you get older, wear and tear on your teeth means you will be more vulnerable to tooth decay, which means you will have to be more diligent about about keeping your mouth clean and free of the dental caries that cause tooth decay.

Of course, home dental care means brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, but it goes beyond that. You may may need to start using a germ fighting mouthwash, and you definitely need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Your food choices are more important than ever, as well. Make sure that your diet, even if it is otherwise healthy, is not damaging your teeth. Also, medications can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, so if you are taking any, you may need to step up your home dental care.

Visit Perrigo Dental Care for Checkups

Taking medication and changes in diet for health reasons is fairly common for adults, but they may require that you take special steps to protect your oral heath. This may mean more frequent visits to our office in Birmingham for the cleanings and examinations you need to stay healthy.

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