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Video Reviews Of Perrigo Dental Care & Our Hoover Dentists

Chandler S.
I grew up in Kentucky where there was no fluoride in the water during the time when they argued for 30 years over whether the fluoride would poison you or not. The dental care was minimal in areas where I lived and therefore I ended up, of course, with no braces, and subject to dental decay even though I took great effort to take care of my teeth. So I’ve spent a lot of time in a dentist office. He’s done four implants for me so I have great faith in his ability and his training, everything. He refers to good people if you have a problem that he doesn’t handle. Not only that, he just finished doing six crowns on my upper front teeth and all of that was really with no great discomfort at all. In fact, I’ve recommended him three times this week at three different lunches and social gatherings so you have to know I’m pretty set on his abilities.*
Bonnie O.
Dr. Perrigo did an implant and I think I was number 19 that he did after he learned how to do them and he was really good at it. Again it was a painless procedure because he is so good. It fit well, it has worn well. It’s very comfortable and it looks good. They’re very professional but they’re also very friendly. I’ll tell you another thing that really will make a dental practice is the office staff. Their office staff is just wonderful, they’re friendly, they’re helpful. They’re just cute as buttons. They work with you on scheduling and anything that you need while you’re in the office.*
Angela K.
The thing for me personally that make this a wonderful dentist office is that the staff works with our family. We have a large family. We have 8 children. Just to get 10 people booked for one day of teeth cleaning, takes a lot of maneuvering and working around. They’re great at working with us, especially if a child has a sporting event that comes up, has to be bumped or moved to a different time. They’re always very helpful and just want to make sure that we’re situated and that we get the best time slot for our day. Dr. Perrigo is great because he’s one those that’s just a very easy person to be with and talk to. He has a very calm presence about him and I think that’s been great for my kids especially, the younger ones, when they have to have a tooth pulled or a cavity filled. He’s great with them and just keeps them very calm. That’s the kind of person I want to entrust my children to. That’s the kind of person that I want when I sit in the chair when I have to have a crown done. I trust him. I trust him implicitly.*
Mary J.
What I love about Dr. Perrigo’s office is you walk in and it’s a very inviting atmosphere. They’re very calm with you. There’s no hysteria, everything is just very very calm and quiet. It’s very embarrassing, I had not been to a dentist in probably over 20 years, only because of my fear of dentists. I had some front teeth that were partially knocked out and I had screws put in my front teeth. I don’t think they did much novocaine so I was just very very fearful. Came here, and I was fearful, but very painless, very much at ease. They were very very reassuring, and told me that Dr. Perrigo would take great care of me and he has. I never had a pretty smile before and now I think I have a very pretty smile and I’m not afraid to smile anymore, so, life changing.*
David W.
Loving a dentist office or a doctor’s office or any of these, you’ve got to like the person that’s going to be taking care of you. I met Dr. Perrigo when he worked for another dentist and when he left that dentist I followed. One of the things Perrigo is very good at is no pain. A lot of times when you used to go to the dentist you’d feel when somebody injected your mouth, obviously, to make you not feel anything, but he has a way of making it to where you don’t even know you’re getting a shot. He’s just very detailed, very serious and congenial. I like him.*
Dillon C.
What I love about Dr. Perrigo’s practice is they’re very personable. He’s by far the most personable dentist I’ve ever been to. I just started coming to him a little over a month ago. They take the time to just get to know you on a personal level. During my consultation it was Dr. Perrigo, one of his other staff members, and before we even started talking about my teeth we just talked in general just to get to know each other. I knew from that moment on that I wanted him to be my dentist because he took the time to get to know me. Dr. Perrigo, he took the time, he wrote me a hand written letter after my first visit. That’s just something that no dentist has ever done before. Going to the dentist isn’t really a fun process, but he makes it, I don’t dread coming to the dentist now. They’re always giving me a little goodie bag every time I leave, making sure I’m getting taken care of. They care about their customers and that really helps.*
Frances P.
I’ve just started wearing Invisalign braces, started just about 3 months ago. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been a very easy procedure. I come in every two weeks for a checkup and new trays. It’s just been a very easy procedure to go through, especially as an adult. The other major procedure, the only other major procedure that I’ve had, is having my wisdom teeth extracted several years ago. That’s a scary thing, had it done without any complications. One amazing thing to me about that procedure was right before we were going to bed that night at home, it was fairly late, he gave me a call, he called my husband to make sure that I was okay. I just thought it was a real thoughtful thing for him to do, to check on us. This is just a very very friendly atmosphere and the people know who you are, they take a big interest in you. It’s a very friendly place.*
Joe W.
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, probably moderate sleep apnea, and Dr. Perrigo fitted me with what he calls an appliance. It’s worked so far good. My oxygen level went up. It used to run about 97% at the doctor’s office but now it’s 100. I feel better. My blood pressure has gone down most of the time. I think it’s working good. I don’t snore, not like I did.* 

Lauren S.
I needed to find a general practitioner, a general dentist, whenever I first moved here. I googled dentist in the area, best dentist, and this one had great reviews. It had everything I wanted as far as catering to all my needs. It’s a small intimate area. It makes you feel like family when you walk in the door. The receptionists, they know you all by name. They know everything about you. They want to know about you and treat you like an actual person rather than a client. It’s a short amount of wait time. They get you in as soon as possible. I’m not the most on-time individual, so whenever I’m a little bit late I don’t get berated for being a little bit behind schedule. If you’re looking for something more than just a business environment to come to, it’s a family oriented, friendly environment.*
Linda F.
I love coming to see Dr. Perrigo because it’s like coming to visit your friends. You just come in, everybody knows your name, and just makes you feel right at home. I’d had several bad experiences with other dentists and when I come here, it’s just a comfortable atmosphere. They make sure that you have everything you need to be comfortable. I’ve had a broken tooth repaired and crowned, a couple of crowns replaced, and then we redid and crowned my four front teeth. Dr. Perrigo will stop often and ask me if I need anything, if I’m comfortable, if I’m in pain in any way. They’re just very caring about your feelings. It’s just a wonderful experience coming to the dentist.*
Melanie J.
My previous dental experiences have been at dental facilities that you go there one day and it’s one doctor, then you go another day and it’s a different doctor. I like coming here and always getting to see Dr. Perrigo. When I come, he knows about my teeth, my treatment. The staff here has had lots of different dental work that they can explain to you, about different procedures that they’ve had done. They are a good support system for me now having braces. They’re kind to me. They’re kind to my children when they come with me. That’s what sets them apart. I initially came here to get my teeth cleaned and I had a discussion with Dr. Perrigo about some things that I wanted to change about my smile. He gave me my options and the best one, the most cost effective one, was fast braces. After getting some literature about fast braces, I then went on and made the decision to start my treatment. It was fast and easy. I made the decision one day and I was getting braces the next day. It only took a few hours to get them on and come back every 6 weeks or so and get them tightened. It’s been very easy and painless and I’ve been happy with it. I’ve had lots of people ask me questions about this product and I’ve been able to explain it to them. It’s exciting that this is a new product that makes easy quick work of getting braces. That’s how it’s changed my life, just getting new conversations with people about what’s on my teeth and what’s going on in my mouth.*
Nancy C.
I believe that the difference in before and now, the dentists I saw before they’re more like friends. They’re personable. I don’t feel like it’s a business. I feel more like I could call either one of them, at night if I had a problem, where I may not have felt that way before. Not only are they friendly, personable, but they’re good. I’ve never had any problems with any work they’ve done. I was having to have an implant done on one of my teeth and one of the dental hygienists that was working with me had had the exact same thing done on the exact same tooth. She set my fears at ease. My daughter is mentally handicapped and so it is wonderful to come here and everybody knows her. Everybody wants to know how she’s doing, how camp was. They remember everything about her. It’s a great place to be.*
Paul B.
Dr. Perrigo’s father was a military physician, so he’s an Air Force brat, not an Army brat, so I felt very comfortable here. He gave me the option, usually whether I wanted a bridge or an implant. Lately, I’ve said, “No, I don’t want a bridge,” You’ve got to work on two other teeth in addition. So I assume just do without the tooth and put an implant in. The first one I had went real well, didn’t have any problems. Second one, didn’t have any problems, and I’m not expecting a problem with this one either. He’s pretty good when he puts the novocaine in. You hardly notice it. They don’t make you wait a long time. If you have an appointment at a certain time, that’s when you go in. They consider my time as valuable as theirs.*
Rita P.
I’ve been coming to this clinic for about a year and a half now. I was recommended by my nurse at the time. She came here and actually loved it so she said I should try this place. I’ve had several procedures here. Initially when I first came I was just coming for a routine cleaning. The first procedure that I had here was actually a wisdom tooth extraction. I had two wisdom teeth extracted and I was assuming that that was going to be a very difficult procedure, very painful. I had heard the tales from other people. The procedure actually went very well. I had very limited pain. I had about two days of uncomfortable feeling, but no real pain, and I was able to go back to work. As a practicing physician I’ve had many interactions with nursing staff and office staff. Sometimes people do not have the best bedside manner but I have to say honestly here at Dr. Perrigo’s office, the bedside manner of everyone is top notch. Everyone is very friendly, always willing to help and answer questions that you have. I really enjoyed the personal interaction that I felt here.*
Tara S.
In the world we live in today, no one takes the time to listen to your real concerns. I had been to other dentists before who I had explained to them what I was going through, the pain I was going through, with my TMJ. They would tell me, in two minutes, what they thought I needed and the dentist would never come back in to make sure the splint fit correctly. Dr. Perrigo spent an hour and a half with me, adjusting, feeling my jaw and my joints to see if they were aligned. To me, he went above and beyond what any other dentist has ever done. It has been tremendously successful. I’ve had two other splints made by two other dentists. Dr. Perrigo made sure that this one was going to work.*
Vedra B.
I had a bad experience with another dentist where it hurt and I stopped going for about 3 years. Then I called a friend of mine because I had some problems and said I need to find a dentist. She recommended this place. I’ve had two root canals and it was all just a breeze. They have never ever hurt my mouth. That’s amazing, but they’ve never hurt me. I love the location. I love the staff. They’re very nice. They’re always on time. I’ve been to some offices where they say, “Oh, you haven’t been doing a good job,” or making you feel bad about not flossing as much as you should be flossing. I have never had that experience here. It’s a wonderful place. I love it. My son comes and he loves it. He goes to school in Tuscaloosa and he drives all the way back up here just to go to the dentist.*
William B.
Dr. Perrigo is very accomplished. I knew I wanted to get my teeth taken care of and I just actually asked him about it and he was able to do a really good job. This is the first time that my teeth have ever been straightened out. I can remember as a kid having actually smiling in a way that didn’t expose my teeth. Now I’m getting more and more so I can smile in a more natural fashion such that the teeth actually show. It’s a modern, contemporary practice and it’s convenient to get to in Hoover. When you come in, everybody is pleasant. They talk to you while they’re doing the exams. It’s just kind of a nice, personal touch that they have here.*

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Perrigo Dental Care. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

5-Star-Rated Hoover Dentists & Cosmetic Dentists
"Dr. Perrigo's office is wonderful. Their staff is so kind and thorough. They were absolutely wonderful to my elderly grandmother, and so attentive to her needs. I cannot recommend them enough. They even have early morning and Saturday hours."Bonnie H.
"This is by far the best dental group I have ever had. They make you feel like part of the family the minute you walk in the door. Dr. Perrigo is always available if you have a problem other than the usual dental check up. I must say something about my wonderful hygienist Christy. She is the absolutely best. We do more laughing than anything when I have my visits. I just truly love this group. Thanks for all you do."Faye W.
"Luke is a great dentist and his staff is very friendly. Highly recommended."Matt D.
"Outstanding service! Fresh and clean! Love this place. A family atmosphere!"Chad B.
"Very pleasant, efficient and professional staff who showed a sincere interest in me, both history and current problems. Additionally they were gentle during both cleaning and examination."Kathi W.
"Went in today for my bi-annual cleaning and check-up. I highly recommend them. I have been going to them for over 30 years."James S.
"Dr. Perrigo took time to explain options and did a wonderful job. Staff are friendly and kind. Highly recommended."John M.
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Perrigo Dental Care. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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