Dental Sedation Relieves Dental Anxiety

Welcome to our dentistry blog! In our Hoover, Alabama office, we make it our mission to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking spectacular all through life. But you have to come in and see us every once in awhile for our efforts to do any good.

If you have been away for far too long, don’t worry, we’ll make it easy to get back on track. At Perrigo Dental Care, our caring and compassionate team goes to great lengths to make your dental solutions pain-free and pleasant.

Still, we understand that if you are afraid of the dentist’s chair, it might take some extra efforts to put your fears to rest.

Don’t Let Fear Destroy Your Health

You are not the only one who sometimes feels uneasy about dental offices. This condition is actually quite common, and it even has a fancy name: dental anxiety. Extreme cases are known as dental phobia.

What causes such a feeling? These can sometimes be traced back to a horrific dental experience in the past, such as a mean dentist or a painful encounter with a drill.

Yet dental anxiety can also be a fear of the unknown combined with embarrassment about how long it has been since you’ve cared for your oral health. We take it very seriously around here because we know that when you suffer from dental anxiety, it can be a real problem for you and your continued well being.

Why? Because you hide out and miss the professional teeth cleanings that keep your mouth free of disease and cavities.

Plus, you won’t get the comprehensive dental exams that tip us off when things have gone awry in your mouth or elsewhere in your body. Regrettably, you will not find out about emerging problems like cavities, gum disease, and even cancer until they have become serious (and costly) concerns.

That is not how you want things to go for you. And we want to save you from unnecessary pain and expense, too.

Perrigo Dental Is On Your Side

You should know that, whatever level of fear or anxiety you are dealing with, it doesn’t have to get in the way of your dental needs.

We take a gentle approach to dentistry, and we offer sedation to anyone who needs a little extra help relaxing when they get here.

Once the laughing gas kicks in, you’ll forget what you were afraid of in the first place. This gas is a sedative known as nitrous oxide that can help ease your nerves and make your dental procedure more comfortable no matter what type of treatment you have come in for.

Usually we recommend nitrous for longer visits and treatments, but it also very helpful for fearful patients who just need a cleaning and checkup but can’t get past their anxiety.

Additionally, we will further relax you with comfortable pillows, warm blankets, aromatherapy, headphones, and the like. You might not want to leave, once you get used to our pampering!

Overcome Your Fears And Make Your Appointment Today!

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