Welcome to another June edition of the Perrigo Dental Care blog!

In our Hoover, Alabama office, we do a lot more than just clean teeth. That’s because our team sees the connections between dentistry and general wellness. One of the many overlapping issues that we are equipped to handle here is sleep apnea.

You may not realize it but sleep apnea adversely affects the lives of millions of Americans each year, both directly and indirectly.

So, what is it?

Sleep apnea is a condition that disrupts your breathing processes at night while you are sleeping and then makes your daytime hours a living hell.

Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, your brain will freak out trying to get the message to your body to breathe.

Accordingly, your sleep cycles will be off kilter, and your body will not feel rested when you get up in the morning.

This won’t be a sustainable model, we assure you.

Please continue reading to hear about the condition and how we can help you get some relief at Perrigo Dental Care. Then follow up to schedule a consultation if you or someone you love is in the throes of sleep apnea.

When To Seek A Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Does your snoring wake up the house? Or do you frequently gasp for breath in the middle of the night? Are your waking hours full of unexplained exhaustion and mental fog? Are headaches the new normal?

If you answered affirmatively, it is time to get checked for sleep apnea!

Remember: if you put it off, you will be grumpy, forgetful, ill at ease, and disoriented. That won’t make you popular with friends or coworkers, we can assure you.

And as awful as those things are, that’s not the worst of it.

Eventually, sleep apnea can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Seriously!

What’s more, you won’t be much of a lover as you gain weight, snore like a buzz saw, and experience a significantly decreased libido.

How To Recover

We can get you back on the right track fast. We’ll start by ordering a home sleep study that you can use in your natural environment rather than having to go off to a clinical sleep center. That way we can be sure we have the right diagnosis before we look for the best treatment.

For mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea, we can design an oral appliance that you wear at night to keep your air passageways open all night. Your oral appliance will adjust your lower jaw in such a way as to keep your airways pushed open, allowing you to breathe through the night without interruptions. It is easy and comfortable and just as effective as a CPAP machine.

Find A Dental Solution Today!

We hope you have been inspired to take the first step towards a better night’s sleep. Contact us online or call our Perrigo Dental Care office at 205-545-8007 to request your sleep apnea consultation. If you act fast, we’ll waive the cost of your consultation. So, don’t delay!