Welcome back to another August edition of our oral health blog!

At Perrigo Dental Care of Hoover, Alabama, we make it our mission to provide you with the all the dental solutions you need to keep your smile looking great.

In our office on Patton Chapel Road, we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at improving both the health and appearance of your smile.

If you are self-conscious or embarrassed about the current condition of your teeth, we can help. In fact, if you have unsightly gaps in your smile, overcrowded teeth, or teeth that are crooked, we have an easy orthodontic solution for you.

Because we know how valuable your time is, we proudly feature the Fastbraces® method to get the job done without requiring you to wait around for 2-3 years to see results.

Fastbraces® Offer A New And Better Way

You didn’t miss your only window of opportunity for change back in middle school. But the truth is that it does get harder to shift teeth the older you get. Your teeth are settled into where they want to be and they are less keen on cooperating with treatment.

Those of us in the business have known that for quite some time. And Fastbraces® were designed with that in mind. This method addresses that very problem by changing the structure of the actual braces to better suit the goal of reconfiguring adult teeth.

Traditional methods employ a round wire and square brackets, while Fastbraces® uses a triangular bracket and square wire.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it actually gives the braces more moving power with less uncomfortable force on your teeth.

The Advantages Of Fastbraces®

There’s a reason they aren’t called “ordinary, troublesome braces.”

Well, for one thing that would be a little harder to market to the masses!

But, as the name implies, the biggest benefit of Fastbraces® is the abbreviated treatment time that it can deliver to our busy adult patients.

This method of orthodontic treatment can range from several weeks to about a year, depending on the severity of your situation. That is still far less time than you would expect.

Getting a totally transformed smile in a matter of weeks or months is nothing short of amazing.

But that is not the only advantage!

Everyone tells us that this system causes much less pain and discomfort than standard braces.

Who wouldn’t want that?

So, why not take the next step now?

Are Fastbraces® For You?

We think you will be impressed by the possibilities presented by this revolutionary treatment. Fastbraces® work well for most people with milder alignment issues, and hopefully they will be just the solution you’ve been waiting for.

If you have been inspired by today’s post, you can get started now by scheduling your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Perrigo.

Contact our Hoover, AL dental office today by using our online form or by calling us at 205-545-8007. We’ll give you plenty to smile about!