Keeping Preventive Dentistry Top Of Mind

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Wherever you are, we hope that our blog is full of useful dentistry-related tools and information for you and your family. If you happen to live in the Hoover, Alabama area, we’d love to help you…

…maintain a healthy mouth!

…avoid tooth decay!

…keep periodontal disease away!

…prevent any painful treatments!

…keep your smile looking its best!

Accordingly, we’d love to welcome you into our comprehensive preventive dentistry program that involves oral hygiene at-home, regular exams, thorough teeth cleanings and continuing education resources. Once you are entrusted to our care, we will go the extra mile to keep you on the good road!

Stay On Top Of Your Health

If you overdo it on St. Patty’s Day treats, remember that tooth decay sets in when sugars and starches are left on the surface of your teeth. So, get out your green toothbrush and get to work!

Because when left alone, they will turn into the acids that form plaque when combined with your saliva. This plaque, as you may already know, destroys your teeth enamel, causes decay, and even accelerates gum disease. Obviously, this won’t be good for you!

Still, there are some small steps that you can take to keep cavities from ravaging your natural smile. For one thing, the American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes, twice or more per day. That’s not a big thing to ask, right?

But you need to do more. Dental floss is the only tool designed to remove food remnants, along with the tartar and plaque that gets stuck between your teeth and in other hard to reach areas in your mouth.

Besides flossing, you should add a fluoride mouthwash to your daily drill for an extra layer of protection. And drink lots of fluoride-fortified tap water, whenever possible.

Whatever you can do on your end will be well worth it. But some things can only be done in a dentist’s office by a dental professional.

Keep Us In The Loop

You could benefit greatly from a professional teeth cleaning with our Ultrasonic Scaler and Prophy Jet Polish every 6 months (give or take). Our advanced tools can tackle any tartar, plaque, and bacteria that might have built up since your last visit.

Plus, while you are here we will poke and prod your mouth in search of any emerging issues. And, if anything has gone awry, we will want to treat the problem before it becomes difficult (and more expensive) to address.

There are other things we can do, if you want to take your prevention further. FOr example, we offer dental sealants, even for adults. Our dental sealants are basically just layers of protective plastic coating that seal off the grooves and hidden zones of your teeth that are known to hide food, plaque, and so forth.

Reclaim Your Health!

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment at our Hoover, Alabama dental office! We can’t wait to get to work on your smile!