Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Hoover, AL

If you have numerous issues that need to be resolved in your mouth, or you need correcting and repairing of several elements, Dr. Perrigo can help. This unique and thorough treatment is normally called a full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction is one of Dr. Perrigo’s specialties. He has done over 200 dental implants, as well as a hands-on training led by the Medical College of Georgia in Mexico.

Dr. Perrigo’s experience goes beyond that. He has lots of empirical knowledge in making crowns, veneers, dentures, and much more. The first step to perform a full mouth restoration is to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Once we get you in our Hoover, AL office and check you out, the doctor will diagnose your problem and recommend a treatment plan, explaining to you step by step how the whole process works.

The diagnosis process entails a visual exam, X-rays and a manual evaluation from the doctor of your jawbone. At Perrigo Dental Care, we use a diagnostic device called the Facebow, which measures how the bite comes together. With the Facebow, which helps the doctor gets a better idea of how your upper teeth relate to your jaw joints. After this diagnosis, the doctor then recommends treatment, never rushed, making sure you understand all aspects of it.

Full Mouth Restoration | Hoover AL - Perrigo Dental CareThe Facebow device offers accuracy that is second to none. You can make sure that your bite will be accurately examined and that information will be transferred to an articulator. The articulator is then used to design and create dental crowns, denture, or bridges depending on your specific needs. Full mouth reconstruction is much more precise and fitted to the patient’s bite thanks to the Facebow device we use.

Once our doctor uses the Facebow device to gather your upper and lower jaws’ conditions, Dr. Perrigo creates a model of your teeth to simulate the restoration. That way, you and the doctor can see how your teeth will look after the procedure has been performed.

Dr. Perrigo will begin by taking care of any health concerns you may have. This means removing signs of decay, infection, and damaged teeth. Once your teeth and gums are healthy and strong, we will move on to accomplish the rest of your reconstruction.

Mouth Reconstruction | Hoover AL - Perrigo Dental CareThrough the use of crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implants, and whitening, Dr. Perrigo will transform your smile into something that you are happy to show off! You haven’t felt this good about your smile in years, but it will be possible with our full mouth reconstruction process.

You can expect a normal full mouth reconstruction procedure to last about 6 months in total. While it may seem like a long time, rushing this procedure is not recommended. The doctor takes his time to make sure your restoration provides you with the best long-term solution for your specific needs.

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