Short-term Orthodontics For Long-Lasting Smiles

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Today, we’d like to talk about braces for adults. Don’t leave! We aren’t talking about the ones you remember from your middle school days. In fact, we have some awesome options that allow adults to transform their smile in a much more dignified manner than earlier eras would have allowed for.

The majority of our adult patients are looking for a way to dramatically makeover their smiles in the fastest, most comfortable, and least noticeable way imaginable.

Maybe you can relate!

Are you searching for…

…a way to improve the health and appearance of your smile?

…quick treatment methods?

…a subtle way to get the job done?

Then we’d like to introduce you to short-term orthodontics!

In our Hoover, AL dentist’s office, we have two cool ways to fix bad teeth. And we are confident that one of these could be the right solution for you.

Fastbraces: What More Can We Say?

The name says it all, right? Rather than using square brackets with round wires, we use triangular brackets with square wires for this treatment. Why is that a big deal? Well, it’s an easier and quicker approach to moving adult teeth around!

Fastbraces deftly employ the re-imagined shape of your brackets and wires in order to give your braces more leverage to move your roots and crowns at the same time. Pretty cool, huh?

And the best part is that, with Fastbraces, your orthodontic treatment can usually be wrapped up in a matter of mere weeks! Plus, with discreetly designed tooth-colored gear, you can fly under the radar with these braces.

Invisalign: Clear Braces For Adults

Invisalign makes you think outside of the proverbial box when it comes to orthodontic solutions. In fact, these “braces” can scarcely be called braces at all. They are more like mouthguards.

That’s right, rather than using conventional wires and metal brackets, Invisalign makes use of clear plastic aligners to get your smile where it needs to go. This is a pretty cutting-edge approach. And it will save you time and aggravation along the way.

With Invisalign, there are no monthly in-office tune-ups. You will simply wear each set of aligners for two weeks or so before switching them out on your own to keep your treatment on-track. You won’t need special tools for cleaning, and you won’t need to give up the foods you love.

Invisalign is so popular with our adult patients because it is pretty much invisible to the outside world, the equipment is comfortable and removable (which makes it easier to take meals and to clean the gear), and the process can usually be completed in about a year, depending on what you are up against.

It couldn’t get much easier than that!

In the end, the results will blow you away!

Get Going!

Contact our Hoover, AL dental team today to schedule your short-term orthodontics consultation. We can’t wait to get to work on your smile!