Headaches and Jaw Pain Solutions at Birmingham, AL

Teeth pain can be one of the most dreadful forms of discomfort a person can experience. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is treated here at Perrigo Dental Care. TMD refers to many ailments that affect TMJ joints, facial nerves, and jaw muscles. During regular use of your jaw (opening and closing) the jaw may twist or become strained, causing jaw pain or TMD.

If you are experiencing pain in or around the ear, neck pain, headaches, jaw tenderness, soreness, pain when chewing or biting, difficulty opening and closing your mouth, popping sounds, or teeth sensitivity, you might have TMD.

TMD can be caused by arthritis, inadequate bite, jaw injury, or stress. Teeth grinding while sleeping and strenuous physical activity, like lifting heaving objects, can also cause or aggravate TMD.

In order to treat TMD here at Perrigo Dental Care, we will do an evaluation of your face and jaw, as well as check your medical history to recommend the best treatment for your specific case. We will begin by treating your symptoms conservatively.

Our goal is to find the cause for your jaw pain. Once we have identified the cause, we can give you specific treatment options that will enable us to heal your TMJ and let you get back to your life!

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